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Care and Handling of Essential Oils


Oshadhi recognizes essential oils as containing an innate life-energy that must be respected, honored and preserved during the handling process. This process starts with our facility which was built using the architectural design concepts of Vastu, the ancient science of India akin to what is known as Feng Shui in China.

The facility is located in a low-intensity zone surrounded by fields and nature in a small village in South Germany. When the facility was built, principles of design were used to enhance and optimize the openness, the exposure to sunlight, and naturalness of the setting. Much of the facility is built with wood, pine and larch, to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for the staff and the products. Emphasis was placed on large windows and high ceilings to expand everyone’s feelings of well-being which get communicated to the products. The electrical wiring in the building was specially shielded to avoid electrical leakage in the walls.


We avoid the use of high intensity equipment for handling, blending and bottling the oils for similar reasons. Special high vibrational music is played during many hours per day to ensure a positive energy surrounding creating specific resonances within the molecular structure of our oils. Anyone familiar with Emoto’s work “Messages From Water” on the effect of music, emotion and thought on water molecules will recognize the benefits of this practice. The team that we have assembled has also put the utmost emphasis on harmony and mutuality so that negative feelings and emotions are not brought into the facility.

While some companies try to mechanize the handling of essential oils, we treat them as living molecules with energy that must be supported. We recognize, after many years of experience, the real benefit and difference such handling adds to the oils. We start with the highest quality oils, the finest low intensity natural distillation methods, and add a respectful and gentle handling procedure to deliver to our customers oils that retain their natural vitality and communicate that energy when put to use by the end user.

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