1001 Nights


Size: 50 ml

Quality: Ayus Organic Cosmetic Standard


Ylang Ylang, Coriander, Lavandin sweet, Jasmine, Rose geranium, Chamomile wild, Sandalwood, Hazel- nut, Almond, Sesam, Argan and Coconut oils

“1001 Nights Massage Oil (5620). The harmonized, lovely and sensual fragrance is the basis for a truly relaxing massage! Aromatherapy essential oils Jasmine, Rose Oil, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities.
The addition of essential oil Chamomile makes the perfect body massage oil for deep relaxation massage.
It’s also exquisitely exotic massage oil!
Jasmine is known in aromatherapy as the King of Oils.
Rose is celebrated as the Queen of Oils.
Ylang Ylang simply translated means the ‘flower of flowers’.
It requires an enormous quantity of Jasmine and Rose flowers to produce even the smallest amount of pure essential oil.
What’s more, the Jasmine flowers are harvested just before dawn when their aroma is strongest.
A highly intensive labour of love!
As a natural body care product, 1001 Nights has a rich texture for all skin types, and is perfect after a shower or bath to soothe, soften, condition, and protect the skin.”

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