St. John‘s Wort (in Olive Oil) org.


Size: 30 ml


Origin: France

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum


“St. John’s Wort Macerate Organic in Olive Oil, (6678)

St. John’s Wort Macerate Organic in Olive Oil is an infusion of St John’s Wort herb in olive oil. This therapeutic herbal oil is valued for its antiseptic properties, and traditionally used to soothe minor burns including sun burn, insect bites and stings.

It is often found as an ingredient in skin care products, where it has a relaxing effect on tissues. When adding other essential oils, take care not to add in more than 1%-2% of the total amount.

This is a pure natural therapeutic quality carrier oil from France. Many carrier oils have significant benefit for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin.

To be used in blends with natural essential oils for preparation of massage oil or as facial care oil.”

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