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Rose – Making A Myth Our Fragrant Reality Posted by DR. MALTE HOZZEL on APRIL 14, 2020

Mankind has given to the Rose the name ‘Queen of the Flowers’ – and this is certainly not a misnomer… Rose, this wonderful floral being has always – and particularly since the beginning of historical writing – held a particular fascination in the awareness of mankind. It inspired men of so many cultures to create […]

Nature’s Defence Agencies – Thoughts on Anti-Microbial Effects of Essential Oils Posted by DR. MALTE HOZZEL on JANUARY 31, 2020

The newly discovered corona-virus epidemics in China – even though largely exaggerated in its challenge by the usual media coverage – has drawn the attention of numerous persons from the “community” of natural medicine and Aromatherapy. The point is that – again and again – we are facing threats of individual and collective health and, […]

Ginger – An Ancient Universal Healer Posted by DR. MALTE HOZZEL on APRIL 11, 2020

The name Ginger stems from the Sanskrit word “shringan” meaning “horn of a dear”. It refers to the special form of the Ginger rhizomes which have been used in Asian cooking and medicine over thousands of years. Ginger has abundantly been used since old in the Ayurvedic kitchen of India. Confuzius has already praised the virtues […]