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Essential Oils

An extraordinary variety of over 500 essential oils, many of them certified organic, is at the core of the Oshadhi product brand. We go to great lengths to find and offer the rare cultivars that provide unique beneficial and therapeutic qualities, many of which are simply not generally seen in the commercial market due to the difficulty and rarity of sourcing them. In order to provide clarity, we supply the exact botanical name for each essential oil so that you know what you are getting. For example Cedar, Atlas from Morocco is not actually directly related to Texas Cedar, which is really a relative of the Juniper plant! The botanical name designation, source country, plant part used, and type of cultivation are set forth on our labels.

Over 500 Essential Oils

Oshadhi has the widest range of available essential oils and related products with many hundreds of oils, including quite rare species or cultivars of many plants from around the world.

In addition to essential oils we provide Absolutes (for certain oils that require this process of distillation), Hydrosols (Floral Waters), Synergy Blends, Massage Oils, Carrier Oils, Essential Oil Perfumes, Macerates, Bath and Hair Oils, and Body Care products. We will highlight some of these categories for you here:

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Only Pure

It is like a silent agreement, like a promise that has always been kept… a trust in the infinite intelligence of the plant, an acknowledgment of interdependence. Sunlight – recorded in dance lightness… blooming in unique colors and shapes… picked with affection and warmth… in appreciation of every single drop… revered and cared for until it can nourish the soul and ignite the light once again.

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Only Passion

Not a day goes by when we do not want to bow in infinite gratitude to the uniqueness and diversity of nature. The miracle of life is a never-ending cycle – so fascinating, so innocent that it is not easy to find a word for it – and yet we call it nature. The deeper we dive in, the more obvious the connections become to us. We begin to recognize the blessings with which the plants nourish and strengthen us… a gift that inspires us to be grateful and humble and connects us to the healing power of nature.

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Only Nature

The Vedic Rishis in ancient India had a deep understanding of the relationship between light and well-being. Those with higher consciousness were called enlightened and medicinal plants were called “Oshadhi” – carriers of light. Today, these carriers of light are rediscovered all over the world and led by distillation to their highest potency – and again they bear the name Oshadhi.

Dr. Malte Hozzel

Dr. Malte Hozzel is the inspirational founder of Oshadhi, with deep insights into medicinal plants and essential oils. He has dedicated his life to connecting people with the healing energy of Nature and has lectured around the world for over 30 years helping to spread the knowledge of natural therapies with essential oils. Malte’s specialty is in the relationship between plants, essential oils and manking, an he has a unique perspective into the effects that these «helpers» have on human health and consciousness. Over the last 25 years Malte had traveled the world in a quest to find the purest and finest oils, sourcing them direct from the growers to bring forward the best possible quality oils available.

Malte believes that pure and unadulterated essential oils are our allies on the path to optimal physical well-being and happiness.

This belief inspired his desire to share these oils with as many people as possible. He loves to inspire knowledge and enthusiasm for an energy medicine in a new era of deeper plant awareness and self-healing.

«In their expression of the highest intelligence of Nature, the medicinal and aromatic plants will help us to rise in strength, to recreate health (if it is lost), and to make our lives, individually and collectively, more comfortable and more in tune with the heatbeat of the Universe» – Dr. Malte Hozzel.

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