Orange (Bitter Orange) organic


Size: 10 ml

Certification: Org. Raw Mat.

Origin: Egypt

Part of Plant: Peel

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium


Main Chemotypes / Compounds
Limonene, Myrcene, Sabinene, Octanal, Decanal, Nonal, Linalyl acetate

Bitter Orange Organic, Citrus aurantium (2510). Bitter Orange has a fresh, slightly sweet aroma. An antiseptic and strong support for the digestive and respiratory systems, it also has a softening, regenerative effect on the skin, and in fact is good for all skin types. Its detoxifying properties make it a must for cellulite. In the diffuser, it can add cheer to a room, and can be used in a child’s playroom or before sleep to promote a restful night. It has an uplifting effect on the psyche, and promotes mental clarity. Blend this lovely oil with Clove or Cinnamon in a diffuser to create a warm, spicy, wintery atmosphere. This is a certified organic pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil from Egypt, and is obtained from the peel.

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