Chamomile blue, Egypt organic


Size: 3 ml

Certification: Org. Raw Mat.


Origin: Egypt

Part of Plant: Blossoms

Botanical Name: Matricaria chamomilla L.


Main Chemotypes / Compounds
alpha-Bisabolol-Oxide A & B, trans-be- ta-Farnesene, alpha-Bisabolol, Chama- zulene

“German Camomile Organic Egypt Matricaria chamomilla L. (1700) (also known as Blue Camomile) has an incredibly warm aroma, like a rich, fruity date loaf that has just come out of the oven, but developes to a more herbaceous fragrance as it dries out. It is sweeter than the German Camomile from Nepal and has a deep blue colour. It is a cooling and soothing oil which supports the digestive and circulatory systems. It is kind to sensitive skins, and its harmonising influence lifts your spirits.
This is a pure therapeutic-quality certified organic aromatherapy essential oil from Egypt, and is obtained from the blossoms.”

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