Cool Breeze Diffuser (USB plug)


Oshadhi Cool Breeze Diffuser (7018) is a great way to enjoy the magic of essential oils without using heat.

It runs intermittently (on for 10 seconds and off for 50), and works with any USB power supply. It is easy to refill and can be used with 5 and 10ml bottles. It is great for the car, where it will fit in the coffee cup holder. You can also plug it into your computer, or use a USB adaptor to plug it into a wall socket. This item is BPA-free.

This diffuser comes with an empty 10ml bottle to which you can add an essential oil or blend – however you can also use any of our 5ml or 10ml essential oils or synergy blends. Just remove the cap, dropper insert and security ring before screwing the bottle into the diffuser in place of the supplied bottle.


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