Fokienia (Siam Wood)


Size: 10 ml

Botanical name: Fokienia hodginsii

Main compounds: Fokeniol, trans­Nerolidol, Eudesmol, Elemol

Part of plant: Roots

Country of origin: Vietnam

Cultivation: wild

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​Fokienia (Siam Wood), Fokienia hodginsii, (1469) – Fokienol (40%), (E)-nerolidol (32%), beta-eudesmol (4%), gamma-eudesmol (2%), elemol (2%) are all sesqueterpenols, as are the dominant compounds in sandalwood and patchouli. So this gives a clue to its benefits, namely: the physical benefits are mainly for the male nervous system, and psychologically it can be used for uplift, grief, loss, anxiety and feelings of separation.

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