Fragonia Agonis fragrans


Size: 3 ml

Botanical name: Agonis fragrans

Main compounds: 1,8-Cineol, alpha-Pinene, Linalool, alpha-Terpineol,Terpinene-4-ol

Part of plant: Leaves

Country of origin: Australia

Cultivation: conv.

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Fragonia Agonis fragrans (1477) – There can’t be many other oils that combine comfort with stimulation quite as powerfully as Fragonia. It exudes comforting freshness. Physically the presence of 1.8 cineol makes it a great inhalation oil, and it can also be used generally as an anti-viral and anti-fungal oil. Add to a massage blend to prevent muscular discomfort, and improve circulation problems. Use it for clarity by direct inhalation or in a diffuser: to open the heart and mind, communicate clearly, reduce confusion and resentment, and banish conflict.

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