Lemon yellow organic


Size: 10 ml/30 ml

Certification: EG-Organic


Origin: Italy

Part of Plant: Peel

Botanical Name: Citrus limonum


Main Chemotypes / Compounds
Limonene, beta-Pinene, gamma-Ter- pinene

Lemon Yellow Organic, Citrus limonum (3160), has a fresh, clean, sharp fragrance which is one of the most popular world-wide. The oil is an important addition to any natural first-aid kit due to its antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. It gives helpful respiratory and immune support, and is also useful as a digestive, circulatory and skin support. It can be added to a diffuser or water mister to freshen a sickroom. A great oil for your de-tox programme and to help fight that battle against cellulite! Lemon has a refreshing and uplifting effect on the psyche, and promotes mental clarity. Lemon Organic is a pure therapeutic quality certified organic aromatherapy essential oil from Italy, obtained from the peel of the fruit.

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10 ml, 30 ml